Toilet Paper Dispenser Installation (Drywall)

Included Hardware

  • 1 wall bracket
  • 2 drywall toggle anchors
  • 2 metal screws

Required Tools

  • Pencil or Pen
  • Level
  • Screwdriver (#2 Philips Head)

Distance and Height

To ensure ADA Accessibility compliance, mount your dispenser between 7" and 9" away from the front of the toilet and at least 15" from the floor.

Minimum Clearance

To ensure that the dispenser can be opened and refilled, do not obstruct the lid from opening fully (at least 6" of clearance above your dispenser).

Step 1

Mark top two holes using mounting plate as guide.

Step 2

Using screwdriver, insert toggle anchors into marked holes on wall (don’t use a drill).

Step 3

Place the mounting plate over the holes. Insert metal screws into metal plate and toggle anchors.

Step 4:

Clip the unit to the wall bracket. You will hear a "click" when the unit is in place.

Step 5

Simply lift the lid, slide the inner cartridge up and fill with two packs of Fox Fold toilet paper. Pull sheets from bottom of dispenser. 

Unit Removal

To release your dispenser from the wall, remove the paper cartridge, press the tab at the back of your unit and lift up from the bottom.